WINNER! Best Actor in a Feature Film: Isaac Stephen Montgomery
Also Nominated for:
Best Film
Best Director
Best Cinematography
Best Actor: Marshal Glenn
— Las Vegas Black Film Festival
Official Selection of the San Diego Black Film Festival
WINNER! Best Cutting Edge Film
Nominated for Best Drama

A Wanted Man hiding out in a secluded house, tries to convince his friend and his hostage that he's not the one who killed the President, it was a Clone.

   "Sleeper" is about a former soldier named Luke King, who is wanted for the assassination of the President of the United States. While on the run, Luke kidnaps a guy named Jerry and they drive to a remote house in the desert. While they hideout, Luke tries to convince Jerry that a Clone, a Human Copy of him was created. And that the Clone is responsible for the murder of the President. Jerry finds this hard to believe, and when Luke's friend Angel arrives, he is equally unconvinced.

    But Luke is determined to wait things out so he can flush out the Men he believes are hunting him. After waiting for days, Luke's Handlers arrive, intent on either getting Luke under control, or killing him. When Luke exits the house to confront his Handlers, he's forced to fight a physical battle, as well as a battle in his own mind.

- Christopher Miles

Official Selection of the
Pan African Film Festival
Nominated for Best First Feature Narration
Official Selection of the
San Diego Black Film Festival
Nominated for Best Drama
Official Selection of the
12th Abuja International Film Festival
Nominated for Best Foreign Film and Outstanding Directing in Film
— The Light News
Official Selection of the
2015 Africa International Film Festival