About Me: 

      Christopher Miles has been creating for most of his life. When he was a teenager, he built his own recording studio in his house to record music with his neighborhood friends. He eventually went to the Institute of Audio Research, where he graduated with high honors. In the following years, he was the Monitoring Engineer and Front of House Mixer on various US Music Tours. He eventually settled at Unique Recording Studios in New York, where he became an In-House Recording Engineer. He was also an Artist and Performer himself, creating multiple albums and performing in clubs throughout the East Coast. In the year 2000, he wrote his first screenplay.

     Eventually, Christopher's love of writing brought him to Los Angeles, California, where he is currently the Chief Technician of an Audio Recording Technical Company, with a specialty in Film Scoring. Christopher has been a part of such projects as Avatar, The Dark Knight Series, The Hunger Games Series, and numerous others over the years. His experience in the Post Production process has given him a unique knowledge of how to produce high quality films.

    In 2011, he wrote and directed his first short film, "The Wait," A dark Drama about three people in an apartment, waiting to learn their fate after a violent home invasion. The next year, he wrote, directed, and starred in "Redemption." A martial arts Action short about a Man who has to betray his friend to stop a terrorist attack. Now in 2015, Christopher wrote, produced and directed his first feature film, "Sleeper." About a Wanted Man hiding out in a secluded house, trying to convince his friend and his hostage that he's not the one who killed the President, it was a Clone.

A veteran screenwriter of over 15 years, Christopher's goal is to create original, exciting and well crafted films in the Action and Drama genres, while building a strong International brand for his company, Lake Street Films.